Suburban Warfare


The homefront costs of our battle with nature keep rising …

The Grass isn’t Always Greener

by Nicolas Ramkumar

Can the Great American Lawn be sustainable, too?

Band Aid

by Lauren Brunk

The ancient practice of bird banding helps us understand — and preserve — at-risk populations

Who Speaks for the Trees?

by Miranda Johnson

A tiny invasive has wreaked havoc on the Midwest, deforesting suburbia

Taking the Temperature of Climate Change

by Julia Marsaglia

The future of climate advocacy is now, and U of I students are taking the lead


Waste Not …


Q in Print

Sounding Off

by Faith Maranion

Human noise pollution is more than a nuisance; it threatens birds’ very survival

Aspiring writers:

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Favorite Stuff: Clothing Edition


The Dark Side of Thrifting

by Nikki Palella

It’s an unmatched mess behind the scenes at a second-hand clothing store

Sustainability with Style

by Jane Halloran

A Q&A with U of I aerospace engineering major Mona Fang, founder of Karma Trade