A River Runs through It


Out west, the American wilderness has been generous with its riches. But will conservation and justice finally have their moment?

Twilight on the Gila

A trip by two U of I students to the U.S. Southwest finds a war for resources along the Gila River — and a divided community united by the desire to never give up.

The Long Reach

Decades have passed since the Manhattan Project went west, but the cleanup has only just begun on the land and water along the Columbia River in Washington state.


Environmental Justice                                                                                                  

No Vacancy

The new Large Lots Program in Chicago allows residents to beautify their blocks and make them safer. It’s truly a case of transforming urban blight into neighborhood might.


The Living World


Energy Futures

Birds Count

The vibrant Bell’s vireo and other native birds have lost most of their Illinois habitat to Big Agriculture. But Vivienne Henning writes that there’s new hope on the prairie …

Oped: The Price of Black Carbon

In Q’s first opinion piece, Charlee Thompson writes that we need better education, not just technology, to solve the black carbon problem …


Many Thanks!

Editing Nature: Meaningful Decision-Making in the Sciences

Maria Maring and Gwenna Heidkamp interview Visiting Scholar Natalie Kofler, the Founder of Editing Nature, on the latest in bioethics …

A very special thanks to Janelle Joseph, who has continued her support of iSEE with two donations of $5,000 apiece to help Q Magazine student writers go on location and research their stories. The first two examples are our “River Runs through It” articles, above.
“Through my dear friend Joel Friedman, I became aware of iSEE’s dedicated programs,” said Joseph, pictured here with her dog Moonbeam. “The planet and the environment are where all things future begin. All needs and other great causes depend on where we live and are safe.
“After hearing about iSEE and Q Magazine, I felt HOPE, for the first time in many years, that brilliant young people are working on improvements and solutions.”
With Joseph’s funding for travel stipends, our student writers can explore environmental issues up close and in person.
We are grateful!