Earth’s Guardians


The fight for environmental justice is being waged on many fronts, but victory is elusive

‘Black Snake’

by Maria Maring

An immersive trip to oil pipeline protests reveals both trials and triumphs


Janelle Joseph Environmental Writing Contest


Crypto’s Dark Secret

by Tyler Swanson

Bitcoin is a major bust for the environment


Next-Gen Agriculture

Covering Up

by Zara Nyhus

Conservation practices can save the soil without affecting profitability

Plant Power

by Kayla Vittore

Progress might be slow, but biofuels are key to our clean energy future


The Living World


Bursting with Life

by Erinn Dady

A hike on Atherton Island offers hope for biodiversity renewal

Glowing Possibilities

by Grace Finnell-Gudwien

Bioluminescence: Where tourism, ecology, and biomedicine meet



The Birth of Environmental Law

by Kratika Tandon

Legal pioneer Richard Lazarus took his environmental convictions from the U of I all the way to the Supreme Court