Janelle Joseph Environmental Writing Contest Grand Prize                                                                                            

Burn Zone

by Andy Sima

Our inaugural winner takes us to New Mexico and the scary reality of wildfires in the Anthropocene …

The Big Clean-Up


Obituaries for coal have been written, but its toxic legacy will haunt us for decades unless we act …

Silent Killer

by Gwenna Heidkamp

Coal ash and water don’t mix.

Coal’s Dirty Secret

by Peter Davis

‘Clean’ coal: Future or fantasy?


Corporate Sustainability


Plant-Based Fun

by Brandon Hausser

Are new LEGOs the Impossible Burger of toys?

Op-Ed: End to Greenwashing?

by Jennifer Coronel

If so, we have millennials to thank for it.




Energy Futures


by Maria Maring

They paved over paradise …

Op-Ed: Blame Game

by Jonah Messinger

Renewables didn’t cause California’s blackout problems.


Q in Print

Protecting Our Water: A Q&A with Joan Rose

by Anneli Cers

Eminent virologist discusses how the world can progress toward safe drinking water supplies for all.