Thirsty World


Freshwater supplies are increasingly precarious on a hotter, crowded planet …

Safe to Drink?

Six months after Hurricane Maria struck, a team of Illinois students visited a rural community in Puerto Rico still reeling from the devastating storm’s effects.

A Clear Message

An Illinois global studies major discovers there’s more to solving water problems in the developing world than clever engineering. Serious people skills are required …

Waste Not…

Thinking in Circles

No longer willing to act as the world’s garbage dump, China has turned the economics of trash upside down. For Laura Schultz, a circular economy might be the only answer to this global crisis.


On a summer’s night in Arkansas, Jenna Kurtzweil little expects that dinner with her eccentric uncle will offer a chemistry lesson in takeout technology.

Living World                                                                                                  

Mallory Shaw revisits an Illinois locale of her childhood, where cornfields and tractors have been replaced by sparkling ponds and teeming bird life … Read More

For one avid Wisconsin angler, ecosystem management is best left to the experts. Clarissa Ihssen explores the Northwoods in her home state … Read More.

@Illinois                                                                            Let’s Talk About Stuff

Katie Watson talks to researchers at Illinois hoping to mitigate global warming through a novel carbon sink … Read More

Zack Fishman, pen collector, investigates the environmental impact of his favorite writing tool. It’s not pretty … Read More.