Drowning or Waving? Florida and the Gulf Face a Brutal Climate Reality

The Rising Tide

Florida is at the frontline of climate change, where rising seas imperil a hundred years of sun-dazzled growth. But local politicians and developers clearly have their heads in the sand.

Weathering the Storm

Residents of island paradise St. Thomas — both natives and expats — remain in limbo after the devastating effects of Hurricane Irma in September 2017.

The Mother of Environmental Justice

The life, times, and fighting legacy of Hazel Johnson, who took on the polluters in her Chicago neighborhood of Altgeld Gardens.

“We have to fight for our children. We have educated ourselves on environmental issues and the health threats from nearby polluting industry. We have not waited for government to come in and determine the cause of our illness. We may not have Ph.D. degrees, but we are the experts on our community.”

— Hazel Johnson

Read her story.

Living World

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Let’s Talk About Stuff

Ah, dish soap. It gives that satisfying sparkle, but pollutes our waterways. What’s a clean freak to do? Anita Clifton reports … Read More.

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