Born to Be Wild


What animals might survive, or even thrive, on our human-engineered planet?

Your Friendly, Neighborhood Coyote

A chance encounter with the wily prowler spurs memories of childhood for Amber Volmer, and reflections on the tense standoff between humans and animals in modern Midwestern suburbia …

Violent Caring

by Olivia Grubisich

The answer to an increasingly urban deer population, distasteful as it seems, might be to cull the herd

Life in the Dead Zone

From the radiated ruins of Chernobyl emerges an unlikely wildlife renaissance. But can it last? April Wendling investigates…

Welcome to the Anthropocene                                                                                                    

The Seven Wonders of the Anthropocene

Give me your tired listicles, your clickbait … Jenna Kurtzweil updates a venerable tradition for our take-out, throw-away age — and finds no corner of the world is safe …

Energy Futures                                                                                                   

Carbon emissions threaten human civilization as we know it. Zack Fishman looks at the pros and cons of CCS, a controversial technology for cooling the planet … Read more

Peering into the future of the state of Illinois, Nidhi Shastri sees wind turbines — and minority neighborhoods rid of toxic waste from fossil fuels … Read more