Bird Calls


We’ve lost 3 billion birds in 50 years. Our feathered friends need help

Band Aid

by Lauren Brunk

The ancient practice of bird banding helps us understand — and preserve — at-risk populations

Sounding Off

by Faith Maranion

Human noise pollution is more than a nuisance; it threatens birds’ very survival




Success Story

by Tori Ruzzier and Sydney Sadler

A decades-long fight to save the picturesque Middle Fork is inspiring a new generation

Hidden Wonder

by Abby Culloton

The wetland at Point Pleasant has seen it all: drainage, development, and now a teeming return to life …

The Frogs are NOT OK

by Rachel Weingart

The spadefoot’s drastic adaptation to climate change is a cautionary tale for us all


Nature & Health                                                                                             

Herbal Remedy?

by Olivia Grubisich

The opioid epidemic has spread to the natural world — does it also hold a potential solution?


At Illinois                                                                                              

Taking the Temperature of Climate Change

by Julia Marsaglia

The future of climate advocacy is now, and U of I students are taking the lead